Foundry Jobs on the Rise: Casting Operator to Manager Positions Available

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Foundry jobs – Opportunity is waiting! What do your grandmother’s artificial hip and a manhole cover have in common? No, a missing manhole cover didn’t cause Grandma to break her hip – it’s that her hip prosthesis and the manhole cover were both made in a foundry! Far from being an outdated type of manufacturing,

How to Write a Manufacturing Job Description

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Are you tired of wading through a sea of applicants for your open manufacturing position and finding that most don’t have the qualifications you need? The problem could be with your applicants, but maybe your manufacturing job description could use some work, too. In my 20+ years in manufacturing, I’ve learned that to get a

How to Choose a Recruiter: Explained by a Manufacturing Veteran

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Have you ever been looking for a product or service and found yourself presented with a list of Google results that weren’t remotely what you were looking for? That’s especially true when you’re thinking about how to choose a recruiter. Between wading through the paid ads and then trying to figure out if the other

Manufacturing Headhunter Reveals: 8 Reasons Why Your Job Hunt is Stuck

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A good manufacturing headhunter and HR directors across the country know all too well that it’s an employee market. So why does it take so long to hear back from a company after you’ve been submitted as a candidate by a manufacturing recruiting firm? The answer: it’s complicated. The U.S. added 148,000 jobs in December, 2017,