Have you ever been looking for a product or service and found yourself presented with a list of Google results that weren’t remotely what you were looking for?

That’s especially true when you’re thinking about how to choose a recruiter. Between wading through the paid ads and then trying to figure out if the other results actually fit your needs, you can waste a lot of time.

To learn how to choose a manufacturing recruiter, it helps to talk to a manufacturing veteran like myself. I can save you time, money, and frustration by finding the top candidates that will fit best into your manufacturing workplace.

How to Choose a Recruiter

Choosing the right recruiter is a lot like choosing any other professional service provider.

If you’re wondering how to choose a recruiter, you want someone who has experience, who will take the time to understand your specific situation, and who will respond quickly to help you find the best candidate.

When a recruiter has experience, not just as a recruiter, but working in your specific field, you save both time and money. A recruiter who has worked in your field brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding that general recruiters can’t match. You don’t have to spend time explaining the terminology or job expectations of your industry because your recruiter will already know them from personal experience.

A recruiter with experience in your field will be able to identify top candidates who have qualities that are likely to make them successful in your setting, leading to better hires and reduced turnover.

I specialize in manufacturing recruiting because I am a veteran of the manufacturing industry, and I know it from the inside out.

What to Look For

Look for a recruiter who will take the time to get to know your business.

I always like to make site visits whenever possible so that I can have the clearest picture of your company and your workplace. When I talk to potential candidates for your position, I visualize them in that space. Do they seem like they have the personality and work ethic to fit in well? Do they have the work experience and/or aptitude to perform the job at the highest level?

I am committed to learning as much as I can about your company so that I provide you with candidates truly suited to your unique needs.

Make sure you choose a recruiter who responds quickly to your emails, texts, or other communications. With the tight job market we are in right now, top candidates often get hired in days or even hours. You need a recruiter who will be ready to make connections for you quickly.

Look for a recruiter who replies promptly to your questions or to changes in your criteria; that is a good sign that your recruiter will not allow you to miss out on top candidates.

Choosing the Right Recruiter

You wouldn’t go to see a cardiologist for a broken arm. The cardiologist could be a great doctor, but not the right doctor for your needs.

Many general recruiters try to be everything to everybody, but that approach usually results in poor results for all involved. Choosing the right recruiter means choosing someone who really knows your industry.

I have more than 20 years of hands-on experience in manufacturing, including fabrication of auto parts, springs, fasteners, and more. I’ve worked as a Quality Engineer, Manufacturing Manager, and Operations Manager. I speak the language of manufacturing, and I understand how the industry works.

How to Choose a Recruiter: the Top 6 Tips

If you want to know how to pick a recruiter, consider these Top Six Top Tips:

  1. Remember that there’s a difference between an experienced recruiter and a recruiter experienced in your field.

    Ideally, you want both, but if you can only have one, choose the recruiter who knows your industry. That recruiter will have a much better feel for what candidates will fit in with your industry’s work environment and demands.

    I have 12 years of experience as a manufacturing recruiter, and over 20 years of experience working directly in manufacturing.

  2. Be specific in your search criteria.

    Make sure to specify manufacturing recruiter if that is the type of recruiter you need.

  3. Check out a recruiter’s website and LinkedIn profile for testimonials, endorsements, and recommendations. Contact other professionals to hear about their experiences with a recruiter.

  4. Contact a recruiter and see how quickly they respond to you.

    Time is crucial in the hiring world, so look for a recruiter who gets back with you promptly.

  5. Ask what the recruiter’s fee arrangement is. Do they require a long-term retainer?

    I don’t work on retained searches; I will bill you ONLY when we make a placement together.

  6. Meet potential recruiters and see how interested they are in your particular business.

    As a recruiter, I know that I can only bring you top candidates when I truly understand your company. I welcome the opportunity for site visits and face-to-face meetings.

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