Services Overview

Are you spending unproductive hours searching for a qualified worker to run your CNC machine? We can help. Turn to us for candidates to fill your open positions so you have more time to focus on expanding your business.

We connect manufacturing companies with candidates who are the right talent and fit for a successful hire. We’ll use our vast resources to recruit trained workers who will make an impact on the plant floor while increasing your efficiencies and on-time deliveries.

As CNC recruiters, we’ll use our contacts to find knowledgeable CNC engineers and programmers with the machining, metrology and programming skills that are critical to the manufacturing process.

When you hire Top Candidate Recruiting to be your CNC recruiter, you’re getting the benefit of our 20-plus years in manufacturing. We know manufacturing from the inside out. You don’t need to hold our hands and explain the jobs. We speak the language as CAD CAM recruiters and we know a good candidate when we see one.

Experienced CNC Recruiter

We work with manufacturing companies across multiple industries who deal with CNC lathes, CNC horizontal milling and CNC vertical milling machines.

We recruit CNC machining engineers, CNC programmers, process engineers, production supervisors, robotic programmers and setup and operate personnel.

We’ll find top candidates with the proven abilities to ensure your productions rates meet or exceed your customer’s specifications.

The Right Candidates

During the recruiting process, we talk with qualified candidates about their experiences with program development and prototyping. What are their skills and past experiences dealing with productivity and feasibility studies and system design changes? We ask about their prior experiences with robotic cells such as Fanuc and Kawasaki robots. What’s their skillset to interpret blue prints and geometric tolerances? We also discuss their experiences with inspecting dimensions of finished work pieces.

As one of the CNC machining recruiting firms in the Midwest, we discuss with candidates their welding and laser skills and their expertise with calipers, ID and OD micrometers. Are they good with depth gages? We want to know about their knowledge of tool holders, boring bars, inserts and other accessories.

We seek out candidates with ISO 9001, TS16949 or AS16485 experience and certifications such as PFME or FMEA. For success stories, we want to hear about how they reduced defects, improved quality for machining processes or how they programmed to increase throughput.

As a CNC staffing firm, we have these conversations with candidates to find you the top producers who are always in demand. We probe and we listen intently. We do all of this before you even see a resume. Once we have a pool of qualified candidates, we’ll start sending you resumes to review. We’ll look for feedback on your assessment of them. If it isn’t what you are looking for, feedback is critical so we can change our vetting process.

As your CNC recruiter, we conduct candidate searches for you so you can focus on expanding your customer base.

CNC Staffing Process

Our industry knowledge is from personal experience. We’ve held multiple positions in manufacturing including overseeing CNC machine operations. As top CNC machining recruiters, we understand the background and knowledge needed for a qualified workforce. The industry standard for the number of candidates interviewed to fill a position is 12. Our average is 3 per position.

We use many avenues to find top candidates including working with passive candidates as well as those who are currently looking to make a change. As CNC recruiters, candidates reach out to us.

Our Promise To You

Eighty percent of our clients are repeat clients. We handle everything from the initial assignment through the final offer, and communicate every step of the way. If you hire a candidate who doesn’t work out, we offer a candidate replacement at no additional charge during a specific period.

As your CNC recruiter, we are relentless in finding you the right candidate.

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