Services Overview

A motivated and engaged workforce impacts your bottom line. The result? Increased productivity, on-time delivery, happy customers and low employee turnover. If this description applies to your manufacturing plant, congratulations. If it doesn’t, we can help you with your recruiting efforts including finding qualified workers to fill electronics technician jobs.

Top Candidate Recruiting is a recruiting firm with 20-plus years of manufacturing experience. We’ve held positions in electronics so we know the industry. You don’t need to take the time to explain the basics. As electronic manufacturing recruiters, we can hit the ground running because we speak the language.

We’ll use our manufacturing experience and resources to find qualified workers in the electronics industry to fill your open positions so you can grow your customer base.

We recruit candidates from the automotive, consumer appliances, electrical & electronics, telecommunications or aerospace industries. We’ll find the right candidates for a successful hire.

Electronics Experience

We work with OEMs and electronic manufacturing services (EMS) partners in the U.S. who produce products such as printed circuit boards, switches, controls, screened circuits, transistors, amplifiers and transducers.

As electronics headhunters, we recruit plant managers, controls engineers and technicians, electronic supervisors, manufacturing engineers, electronic engineers, quality engineers, CMM programmers, APQP QEs, process engineers, EHS leaders, product engineers, design engineers, electrical engineers, PCB specialists, industrial engineers and robotic engineers.

We’ll recruit the top candidates you need to produce products using efficient and eco-friendly processes.

The Right Candidates

In electronics industry recruitment, we talk with candidates about their experience with printed circuit boards, smart devices and routings. We want to hear about their background with integration, heat dissipation, form factor, vibration, wave solder and board layout and design.

We ask about their experience with clean rooms. Because we’re electronics manufacturing recruiters, we also look for candidates with experience in R&D, validation activities and process improvements.

We dig deep and we listen carefully. We do this to help reduce the burden on you. Your time is valuable and can be used in more productive ways than reviewing hundreds of resumes and trying to reach out to candidates to set up interviews.

When we present a pool of qualified candidates to you, you’ll find candidates with the manufacturing skills that you’re looking for. After you review the resumes, we’ll ask for feedback. If it isn’t what you are looking for, your comments are critical so we can change our vetting process.

We do the work for you so you can focus on filling orders and attracting new customers.

Proven Process

Our industry knowledge is from personal experience. We’ve held multiple positions in manufacturing and worked in electronics as a quality engineer and general supervisor producing circuit boards. As manufacturing electronics recruiters, we understand the background and knowledge needed for a qualified workforce. The industry standard for the number of candidates interviewed to fill a position is 12. Our average is 3 candidates per open position.

We’re very resourceful while searching for top candidates. We work with passive candidates as well as those who are currently looking to make a change. Many times, candidates contact us because they’ve heard our focus is electronic manufacturing recruiting.

Our Promise To You

Eighty percent of our clients are repeat clients. We handle everything from the initial assignment through the final offer, and communicate every step of the way. If you hire a candidate who doesn’t work out, we offer a candidate replacement at no additional charge during a specific period.

We’re relentless in finding you the right candidate because our focus is recruitment for engineering and manufacturing.

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