Services Overview

Are you trying to increase your throughput while struggling to find skilled candidates to fill food processing jobs? We know manufacturing and from our perspective, it’s hard to focus on resumes and applications when you’re thinking about plant operations.

When you hire Top Candidate Recruiting to conduct your search, you’re getting the benefit of our 20-plus years in manufacturing. We’ve walked in your shoes so we understand the challenges of getting products out the door while keeping the line running. Manufacturing is our niche and one of our specialties is food processing recruiting. We’ll use our resources to recruit qualified candidates so you don’t have to. We’ll give you back precious time in your workday to focus on high priorities like maintaining equipment and improving operations.

Because we understand the manufacturing process, you don’t have to explain the details in the job description. We speak the language and we can zero in on the right candidates with food science and food manufacturing experience who will impact your business.

Food Processing Experience

As food processing headhunters, we work with food manufacturing, food processing and packaging companies across the U.S.

We recruit plant managers, senior process engineers, controls engineers, tool & die technicians, robotic engineers, manufacturing engineers, pneumatic and hydraulics specialists, EHS specialists, quality engineers, SQEs, process engineers, product engineers, design engineers, industrial engineers and business unit managers who support operations and maintenance.

We’ll recruit top candidates with the right skills and who understand ISO22000 standards to produce your food and beverage products.

The Right Candidates

During the interview process, we talk with candidates about their experience in automation, processing technology and process engineering equipment design. Because we’re food processing recruiters, we want to hear about how candidates resolve quality issues and how they troubleshoot complex mechanical machinery. We also ask about their experience with pump-able food products like juices, particulates, blended products, viscous concentrates and pastes.

We discuss Lean principles and their background working with Kaizen or Continuous Improvement work teams. We determine how in-depth their knowledge is regarding the ability to produce conceptual drawings with AutoCAD and develop Process Flow Diagram (PFD). In addition, we want to hear examples of how they lead and participated in process improvement projects to improve product quality, decrease cost and improve manufacturing efficiencies.

We ask probing questions because we know manufacturing from the inside out. We dig deep for details because we understand food processing industry recruitment. Once we have a pool of potential hires, we’ll start sending you resumes to review. We’ll look for feedback on your assessment of them. If it isn’t what you are looking for, feedback is critical so we can change our vetting process.

We do the work for you so you can ramp up production to meet demand.

Proven Process

Our industry knowledge is from personal experience. We’ve held multiple positions in manufacturing and recruited for food and beverage manufacturers. As food processing executive recruiters, we understand the background and knowledge needed for a qualified workforce. The industry standard for the number of candidates interviewed to fill a position is 12. Our average is 3 per position.

We’re very resourceful while searching for top candidates. We work with passive candidates as well as those who are currently looking to make a change. Many times, candidates who are looking for jobs in food processing contact us because they’ve heard we’re one of the food processing recruiting firms in the Midwest.

Our Promise To You

Eighty percent of our clients are repeat clients. We handle everything from the initial assignment through the final offer, and communicate every step of the way. If you hire a candidate who doesn’t work out, we offer a candidate replacement at no additional charge during a specific period.

We’re relentless in finding you the right candidates because our focus is manufacturing and engineering recruitment.

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