Services Overview

Are you feeling stressed because you’re spending more time trying to hire workers with the right skills than focusing on the growth of your business? We can help because one of our specialties is welding recruitment. We’ll find qualified candidates with the right talent and fit to impact your manufacturing process.

When you hire Top Candidate Recruiting, you’re getting the benefit of our 20-plus years in manufacturing. We’ve walked in your shoes and we know what you’re going through trying to hire a job applicant. It takes focus and manufacturing recruitment is our niche. The benefit to you? There’s no need to explain MIG or TIG welding. We understand it. We know welding processes and we can identify the right candidate for you when we see one.

Welding Experience

As one of the welding recruiting firms in the Midwest, we work with manufacturers across the country who produce stamping and welding assemblies for the automotive, boiler, aerospace, building and construction industries.

We recruit process/welding engineers, line supervisors, robotic welding engineers and welding technicians.

We’ll find the top candidates with the necessary skills to meet your production needs.  

The Right Candidates

As we talk with candidates, we ask about their experiences in a manufacturing setting. Are they able to weld in all positions or confined spaces? Have they used MIG, Arc, gas or TIG welding? Are they comfortable with lasers, robotic welding and manual operations?

We discuss their knowledge of Six Sigma and Lean methodologies and their familiarity with AWS D1.1 and D1.2. We also determine if they have been responsible for fixtures, gages, tools and maintenance.

As welding recruiters, we recruit candidates with knowledge of GMAW, RSW and Stick. We ask if they’ve set up and programmed robotic welders. Are they experienced in manufacturing assembly and PLC programming?

We ask direct questions and we listen for detailed responses. Our own manufacturing experience plays a role in the evaluation process, which helps to single out the top producers. Once we have a pool of qualified candidates, we’ll start sending you resumes to review. We’ll look for feedback on your assessment of them. If it isn’t what you are looking for, feedback is critical so we can change our vetting process.

We’ll do the recruiting for you because we’re welding headhunters. Delegate those time-consuming responsibilities to us so you’ll more time to expand your operations.  

Proven Process

Our industry knowledge is from personal experience. We’ve held multiple positions in manufacturing. We understand the background and knowledge needed for a qualified workforce. The industry standard for the number of candidates interviewed to fill a position is 12. Our average is 3 per position.

We’re very resourceful as welding executive recruiters because we search for top candidates. We work with passive candidates as well as those who are currently looking to make a change. Many times, candidates contact Top Candidate Recruiting because a friend or colleague has referred us.

Our Promise To You

Eighty percent of our clients are repeat clients. We handle everything from the initial assignment through the final offer and communicate every step of the way. If you hire a candidate who doesn’t work out, we offer a candidate replacement at no additional charge during a specific period.

We’re relentless in finding you the right candidate because our focus is manufacturing and engineering recruitment.

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